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Sarah Harper Burke

I can’t let a fictional punk rock band name like Clashes With Khakis go to waste after using it as a party conversation starter for years. I like it because, while nothing actually clashes with the homogenous uniformity the color khaki presents, there is an edge to it; a different effect in the presentation and tone.

Clashes With Khakis is a supportive consulting practice for those who live and work in the grey areas and need to create clarity from chaos. I help in all general sales and marketing fields to help you build a path to revenue. 

sarah harper burke

An experienced leader, I am passionate to support brands in connecting their audiences through digital and retail marketing experiences. I provide leadership, development and inspiration to marketers within the organization to have a shared vision, long view strategic plan and tactical work-flow in order to drive revenue and demand. I build data-driven roadmaps to design brand campaigns that position premium product technologies that optimize the customer experience.